Sump Pump Installation & Maintenance

Avoid Flooding in Your Home or Business by Installing a Sump Pump

Dunedin Plumbing are the experts when it comes to installing or maintaining a sump pump in your home. While basements are rare in Florida homes, you don’t need a basement to experience flooding in your home during times of heavy rain. Many Florida homes are also located in low water table areas that are susceptible to flooding. Depending on where you live, it’s also not uncommon for the soil to be heavily laden with clay. The presence of clay makes it difficult for water to drain away from your foundation. This buildup of moisture in the soil surrounding your home can cause water to seep through cracks in your foundation. The solution is to have Dunedin Plumbing install a sump pump. So, for expert sump pump installation or maintenance, call or contact us today!

Sump Pump

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Sump pumps are typically installed in the lowest point of your home or property, so water will naturally flow in this direction. A pit is dug which will collect the water. This pit is referred to as “the sump”. There are two types of sump pumps, pedestal, and submersible.

Pedestal Pumps

As the name implies, a pedestal pump is mounted on a stand above the sump basin. Water is extracted from the sump basin through a suction pipe. When the water level reaches a specified level in the basin a float or pressure switch turns on the pump and the water is extracted. One of the main advantages of pedestal pumps is that access to the pump motor and electrical connections is made very easy as the pump is not submerged.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is placed directly in the pump basin. When water fills the sump basin the pump is partially or entirely submersed. When the water level reaches a certain level a float or pressure switch turns on the pump and the water is extracted. One advantage of a submersible pump is that because it is submerged in water when running, it stays cooler and this increases the life of the pump.

Why You Should Consider a Power Backup & Maintaining Your Sump Pump

As is often the case in a hurricane or heavy storms, power can be lost. Without power the sump pump will not operate, and water damage can occur. Having a backup power source solves this problem and we highly recommend this with any sump pump installation.

Sump pumps typically will last about 10 years or longer if properly maintained. Pumps can fail for any number of reasons. The discharge lines that allow water to flow away from the home can become clogged, power outages with no backup available, and a general lack of maintenance. The best course of action is to include your home’s sump pump in regular maintenance for your home. The plumbers at Dunedin Plumbing can perform routine maintenance on your sump pump so that it has the longest life possible. When a sump pump reaches its useful life, it’s probably best to just replace it as repairing it can end up costing as much as complete replacement.

Dunedin Plumbing has been serving the needs of thousands of customers since 1972. From Dunedin to Clearwater and the surrounding area we have earned a reputation for quality service at affordable prices. When the situation calls for a plumber, we hope you will place your trust in the professionals of Dunedin Plumbing, your “Go to Plumbers”

Sump Pump Installation & Maintenance

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Dunedin Plumbing has been providing quality and affordable plumbing services from Dunedin to Clearwater and the surrounding area since 1972. When the situation calls for a plumber, we hope you will place your trust in the professionals of Dunedin Plumbing. We want to be your “Go To Plumbers”. Call or contact us today!

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