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For burst pipe repair in Clearwater, residents know they can rely upon Dunedin Plumbing for any plumbing emergency.  Dunedin Plumbing has over 45 years experience in dealing with burst pipe repair in Clearwater and the surrounding areas we serve. Is there any plumbing problem more potentially devastating than a broken pipe? We hope you never face this problem but if you do, and you are home at the time, it’s imperative you take immediate action.

If you know where your home’s main water shut-off valve is located, shut it off immediately to minimize water damage to your home. It’s also possible the burst pipe could be located leading into your home. While this is less devastating, it’s still critical that you locate your main water shut-off valve and cut if off.

Burst Pipe Repair

How do I know if I have a burst pipe?

  1. The most obvious sign of a burst pipe is a spike in your water bill with no apparent changes in your family’s water usage.
  2. Should you notice discolored or rusty looking water coming from your faucets, this is a sign of rust in your pipes which could mean you have a leak.
  3. A burst pipe can lead to strange sounds.  A dented or constricted pipe may whistle as water tries to squeeze through a contracted piece of pipe.
  4. Standing water in your yard is a good indicator that a pipe leading into your home has developed a leak.
  5. When you have a leaking pipe, this will cause water to escape from the leak causing a reduced level of water pressure. This can also lead to clogging as lower water pressure may fail to push wastewater through the pipes.

What are Common Causes Why Pipes Burst?

Many of our residents in Dunedin and the surrounding area relocated to our area to avoid harsh winters where freezing conditions could cause pipes to freeze, expand and crack. While not a serious problem in Florida there are other causes of pipe failure, and our plumbers deal with burst pipes on a regular basis. Some of the most common causes are:


Invasive Tree Roots

Roots can create a great deal of pressure on underground pipe. As a result, as roots spread and underground pipe becomes old and more brittle, they become susceptible to cracking


Clogged Pipes

Florida is known for its hard water. And hard water contains calcites that over time can build up in pipes. For that reason, clogs created by this build up can restrict the flow of water and over time apply pressure to the pipe causing it to crack or burst.


Improperly Glued Pipe Fittings

Pipe can undergo stress at connection points if the fittings were improperly glued. And, if the ground settles or moves through erosion it can put stress on fittings causing them to break.


High Water Pressure

Water pressure can vary at different times based on water usage. Moreover, high water pressure will add stress to pipes and fittings and contributes to pipes cracking and bursting.


Chlorine and Sunlight

Chlorine is prevalent in our water systems. And depending on the type of pipe used in the construction of your home, chlorinated water can be detrimental to some kinds of pipe. Also, if pipe is left exposed to the sun prior to installation it can also weaken the pipe.


Chemical Drain Cleaners

You should always use caution when using chemical drain cleaners. Because harsh chemicals can easily corrode and erode the walls of your pipes.

What to do if You Experience a Burst Pipe

Should you notice that water is pooling in your yard, see a spike in your water bill, smell foul odors, see dampness in walls or ceilings or flooring, or experience gurgling toilets and drains or banging pipes you may have a burst pipe. Above all, at the first sign of any of these symptoms you should contact the experts at Dunedin Plumbing. Finally, shut off your main water valve and let the expert plumbers from Dunedin Plumbing use our state-of-the-art equipment to locate the source of the leak.

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Put the Best Burst Pipe Repair Plumbers to Work For You!

Since 1972 Dunedin Plumbing has built a reputation on providing quality and affordable plumbing services throughout our service area. Finally, whether it’s burst pipe repair or some other plumbing issue, if you’re in need of a proven and reliable plumber, feel confident that you can place your trust in the professionals of Dunedin Plumbing. We are your “Go To Plumbers”.  Call today.

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We own a local general contracting company we have been working the Dunedin plumbing family for many years. Dunedin plumbing has always done very quality work and has some most skilled service technicians in our area, they go above and beyond for their customers.

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