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Leaking Faucets Aren’t Just Annoying, They Cost You Money!

Dunedin Plumbing is who to call for faucet repair or faucet replacement in Belleair, Florida. We have the experience to handle both situations. Faucets can last a long time but eventually all faucets regardless of type will require repair or replacement. All faucets will have parts wear out from time to time.  These would include “O” rings, cartridges, or other small parts that can be replaced. While you can try to do this yourself, repairing or replacing a faucet can be a time consuming and frustrating job for a “do it yourselfer”. Calling a professional ensures the job get’s done right the first time and ultimately saves you money.  If you need your faucet repaired or your just ready to upgrade with a faucet replacement in Belleair, call or contact the expert plumbers at Dunedin Plumbing.

I have started to notice signs of rusting on my faucet and the finish has a tarnished appearance.  Is this something that can be repaired?

If you see signs of rust on the outside it’s likely you have rust on the inside of your faucet.  Not only does this affect appearance but it can also affect the water itself.  Time to upgrade and replace this faucet.

Faucet Repair

Whether it’s in the kitchen or a bathroom, your faucets get a lot of daily use. A high-end faucet might last up to 15 years, but most faucets have a lifespan of about 10 years. Before it reaches that age, it will eventually experience wear and tear that will require it to be repaired or replaced.


Here are some of the main reasons for repairing your faucets.

faucet repair and replacement

Bad “O” Rings

 “O” ring is a small gasket usually made of rubber. Over time they can dry out, crack or tear causing the seal to be broken. This will allow water to bypass the ring causing a leak. If you see water pooling at the base of a handle or water is dripping from the spout, it’s time to replace the “O” rings.


Water Pressure Issues

 Water pressure can vary based on the time of day, as well as how much water is being used in your home at any given time. High water pressure can exert pressure on faucet parts causing leaks or a drippy faucet. Our plumbers can evaluate your home’s water pressure and if that’s the cause of your problem there are ways to reduce water pressure and eliminate leaks.


Corrosion of the Faucets Valve Seat

The valve seat connects the faucet spout to the faucet itself. It controls the flow of water when you turn on the water. Sediment from hard water can cause corrosion which allows water to seep past the valve seat. Replacing the valve seat can fix the problem if the corrosion hasn’t damaged the inside of the faucet. Installing a water softener can also prevent future sediment build up and corrosion.

faucet repair and replacement

Faucet Replacement

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense repair a leaking faucet. Repairing it may just be a short-term fix and while it may solve the problem temporarily, eventually it will start to malfunction again.


Here are some of the main reasons to consider replacing your faucet.


It’s just really old! -

 Some high-end faucets can last for 15 years or longer without having issues. Most faucets have a life span of around 10 years. If your faucets are at that point it makes more sense to replace them rather than trying to fix them


Your faucets are damaged

When handles get cracked or chipped, or you start to notice discoloration, it’s a sign your faucet has seen it best days.


You can see rust or corrosion

Trying to fix a faucet that is rusting or has corrosion is a waste of time and money. Even if the faucet could be temporarily repaired, it wouldn’t be long before you’d experience additional problems. Better to just replace the faucet


You’re ready for a change

If you’re considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, there’s no better time to replace your faucets and update. Dunedin Plumbing has a wide selection of modern and stylish faucets and fixtures to give your kitchen or bathroom just the look you desire.

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